"gave me clarity and let me know where I am heading and what I need to do"

I  help  people  who  want to wake up each day knowing the value of who they are; with a sense of meaning and purpose; who dream of having a positive impact  in their own lives and in the lives of others;

 I help them get connected to what they most care about, to realise what they have to offer and then learn the art of staying out of the shadows to live in the light. 

This is the invincible  power  of 



together we can make

the impossible possible.

It is Now Time to Choose a Life We Love Living

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Hi I´m Caroilne,  Australian and lived for 13 years in Chile, South America.

I´ve been told that I have a Latin heart and a Western intellect.

(I love having a Latin heart…salsa, tango, warm and big).

I have been invited to teach in over 60 countries around the world on topics related to living more authentically. As someone who has spent the past 30 years experimenting with the laws and principles of life, I have found that I am a great resource for others as they choose to shift towards authentic living and participating in the co-creation of a future we would love to live.


In the laboratory of my own life, I have experienced some tremendous successes - huge and small - along with some spectacular failures; all delivering me rich learnings. This experimental approach to life has gifted me with adventure, clarity, love and joy, among other qualities.


Losing the love of her life to cancer a short time after she turned 30, Caroline discovered first hand how to navigate deep change. As a leader and guide, she is best known for her powerful vision and intuition, her unlimited heart and wise guidance. In the early 2000s, her Melbourne-based consulting business About People, garnered a reputation for bringing a balance of head and heart to their work, with the ability to capture people at all levels of an organisation. 


She is a 30 year practitioner of Raja Yoga Meditation and is the author of 2 books - The Four Faces of Woman and My Courage, Your Courage - both which focus on the transformational power of  the feminine archetype.

She is currently writing a memoir - The Optimist Heart: Life Experiments in Resilience,

Stamina and Unbridled Joy


If you resonate with what Caroline stands for and would like to explore working together, then please see her programs or to explore a one-on-one arrangement, use the calendar below to make a time for a conversation.

Each Sunday 9.30 - 10.30am (AEST) - inspire, enrich and uplift your heart. 

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